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21-May-2010Ex-Vivo Chemotherapeutic Drug Treatment of Human Tumor SpheroidsHerynk, Brad; Liu, Vivian; Sabhaz, Jasmin; Starchenko, Alina
10-Jul-2007Thermal Imaging and Analysis for Breast Tumor DetectionKwok, Jeni; Krzyspiak, Joanna
24-May-2006Heating of Nanoshells by Near-infrared Radiation: A Rapid and Minimally-invasive method for destroying tumorsArquiza, Apollo; Holt, Brendan; Lai, Kay; Mak, Hester; Mendelson, Avital
12-Jul-2003Radiofrequency Ablation to kill Kidney TumorsSharma, Manish; Lafrance, Tim; Ducharme, Richard; Taylor, Kristin; Wobbrock, Nicholas
13-Jul-2004Diffusion and Binding of Radio-Labeled Antibodies in a TumorSchweitzer, Andrew; Su, Wan-Lin; Benlifer, Adam; Mathrani, Vikram; Aarismaa, Linda
10-Jul-2007Laser Irradiation of Tumors for the Treatment of Cancer: An Analysis of Blood Flow, Temperature and Oxygen TransportSood, Ravi; Nahlik, David; Nichols, Weston; Graham, Evan
19-May-2015Optimization of Combined Radiation and Gold NanoparticleSankar, Sitara; Zhang, Michelle
8-May-2009Convection Enhanced Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Brain GliomasBrennan, James; Colangelo, Nicholas; Pendery, Leslie; Skeans, Weston
8-May-2009Modeling a Freeze-Thaw Cycle to Treat Lung CancerDugard, Lauren; Hayes, Scott; Holter, Tara; Leviter, Julie
19-May-2015Modeling an Injection Profile of Nanoparticles to Optimize Tumor Treatment Time with Magnetic HyperthermiaEagle, Sonja; Wadsworth, Samantha; Wnorowski, Alexa

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